Jerry Larsen

for East Hampton Village Mayor 

Having completed 34 years with the East Hampton Village Police Department, Jerry retired after 14 years as Chief in July 2017. He’s a lifelong resident of East Hampton Village. As a child, he grew up on Buell Lane, and Conklin Terrace in the Village of East Hampton. As a young man, then moved to the Town of East Hampton, and now lives back in the Village on Newtown Lane.

Vision + Key Issues

Why Am I Running for Mayor?

I have decided to run for Village Mayor because I believe I have many ideas that will help the Village’s residents, businesses, employees and the tourists that visit us every summer.

What is refreshing about Village Elections, is that there is no major political parties such as Democrats and Republicans, but our own parties made from independent ideas to help the residents of the Village.

All my life, I’ve lived this politically.  I am a registered Independence Party member for the last 4 years, and prior to that I was a proud “Blank”, meaning I refused to be affiliated with any party. I’ve always voted for the person who is the best qualified to accomplish the task, and I believe this next election is a turning point for the future of our village, and I am the best suited with the most experience to run this Village.

Why am I starting so early?

I honestly want to meet every single voter in our Village and have a conversation of how I wish to move our little slice of heaven forward. I also want to meet our seasonal residents, and many of our frequent tourists this summer and get their opinions on how we can best serve them as well.  This is the last Summer before the election next year, and the only time to do so.

I look forward to meeting you and talking with you.



1) Term Limits

A proposal for all future Mayors & Trustees of East Hampton Village to serve a maximum of 12 years in their elected office.

2) Regenerate Our Business District

A centralized sewer system (Main Street + Newtown Lane) to allow more new businesses to open to benefit our year-round residents. 

3) Bury the Power Lines 

The massive poles should never have been allowed up on our small residential streets. (McGuirk + King Streets). 

4) Improve Our Beaches + Beach Services

We want to create a better non-resident beach permit process, and we want the garbage cans off the beach or emptied until midnight every day.

5) Update the Village Code + Comprehensive Plan

The current code is confusing and outdated.  The Village Comprehensive Plan was never reviewed in 2012 as it should have been.


About Jerry

    • Father & Husband
    • Local Business Owner
    • 14 years as East Hampton Village Police Chief
    • 34 years of service to our Village
    • Department Head for Emergency Communications
    • Past President – Police Association of Suffolk County


    Ready to Support Jerry For Mayor?

    Follow the links below in order to support Jerry for Mayor of our Village.  Whether or not you are here on Election Day, you can always vote via Absentee Ballot.

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